Quarantine… at the end of the year, quarantine and COVID will be the most used words of 2020, perhaps followed by phrases like, John Krasinski’s Some Good News, I’m losing my mind, and fun games to play in isolation.

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Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

But then something happened. I talked about it. I called a friend and explained my conundrum.

“He doesn’t want to go on walks with me,” I whined, “he was doing so well going to the gym and now he’s just being lazy.”

And it’s because it’s never that easy.

Fortunately, I’ve done a lot of Lacy Phillips’ work via tobemagnetic.com so when my friend asked me why it was so important for my boyfriend join me in the sweltering heat for a draining walk around the Desperate Housewives looking neighborhood, I was quickly able to recognize, it wasn’t important.

In closing

I’ve been grateful for the quarantine. I enjoyed meal prepping and whipping up new healthy desserts on the weekends, dropping them off at friends’ houses and alerting them to open their front door for a surprise. I’ve appreciated reading and writing in my backyard and becoming more and more in tune with my deep desires. And you know, I think we all really came together as a country, watching Joe Exotic in Tiger King, followed by Michael Jordan in The Last Dance. And that’s important.

Inspirations: Mindy Kaling, Issa Rae, Lena Dunham. Trying to manifest some combination of them all + Vince Vaughn’s wit. BLACK LIVES MATTER

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