His Name Was Lance — Chapter 3

Liam’s sculpted body crawled towards us without fear; his muscles flexed as he put his arms on either side of us, forcing our petite bodies closer together. My heart started beating faster; not in the way Stace made it beat — I was scared. I noticed Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Geller on a black Cruel Intentions poster and felt the walls getting closer; the large room grew stuffy as Liam’s moist lips sucked on my neck. My body was paralyzed — I tried moving my torso but the muscles weren’t responding; my legs were as heavy as thick steel and the resistance in the pit of my stomach fluttered incessantly.

He finally shifted his weight onto Stace which was met with pleasure; her delicate hands quickly embraced his toned back and she pulled him down, forcing her glossy lips onto his which resulted in a swift removal of her light pink tank top, which paired nicely against her fake-tanned skin. She was wearing the new Victoria’s Secret push-up bra underneath and happily unhooked it before throwing it onto Liam’s biscuit-colored carpet.

“Maybe if I stay completely still,” I thought, “they’ll forget I’m here.”

With a cruel twist of fate, the attention was placed completely on me as I stared at Stace’s bare 34-C boobs; they were perky and beautiful — I noticed a mole above her left nipple which was slightly elevated. I thought she should make an appointment to get it checked out, just in case.

The flutters in my stomach turned to clanging when Liam sat me up to remove my heather gray Hollister tank top. I couldn’t find my voice, but in my head, it sounded pitiful. I watched him throw my shirt onto the green couch and looked down to see my tan Victoria’s Secret bra — this was not the same push-up version Stace had — I’d purchased it in the PINK section for $10.00 and there were no actual boobs to fill out the small 32-A cups; nonetheless, wearing it made me feel a little less like an eight year old and a little more like the newly-formed teen.

I’m 13, I should be able to wear a bra, I remember shouting to my mom… in my head, before I even asked her to take me to the mall. She never gave me any flack about going; she was excited to embark in a new experience together.

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And before I could drift off into that blissful memory, Liam’s hard penis was pointing towards us like a sword, as his brawny shins pushed down into his sheets.

“Oh my god,” Stace gasped, “that thing is huge!” her eyes widened with excitement.

It was huge. I looked at my forearm and thought it was roughly the same size, imagining what a burden it would be to carry that around between my legs every day. The only other cock I’d seen belonged to my ex — his was probably five inches, hard, and an inch around… nothing like this Pringles can that dared to come at me.

“Touch it,” Liam smirked as he artfully shimmied out of his black Nike shorts.

Stace didn’t need to be asked twice; she was already sitting up when her right hand wrapped around the white, girthy member, leaving an inch of space between her thumb and pointer finger, with her left hand cupping his balls that were already suctioned up, she started stroking incessantly.

I’d given my ex a few hand jobs in the past, which never lasted more than three minutes. You can deal with three minutes, I told myself. Plus, Stace is probably going to do most of the work anyway, I assumed, watching her stroke with a sense of unbridled enthusiasm. And it’s not like he’s going to keep going after he cums.

This wouldn’t be so bad.

“Yes, babe,” Liam moaned at Stace, “take your pants off.”

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As she unbuttoned her MissMe rhinestoned jeans, Liam’s taut hips and giant appendage turned towards me.

“Okay, Devon, now’s your time to shine,” my inner voice sounded off.

I sat up and gripped him the same way I watched Stace do it. He clenched his glutes and started thrusting towards my mouth, clearly expressing his desire for me to open wide. I kept my over-sized lips cinched closed which I know would’ve been a problem if Stace hadn’t noisily let her pants fall to the floor to join the rest of her clothes.

I wondered if she could sense my discomfort as she seduced Liam to watch her pull off her sexy black lace underwear.

My mom just let me start wearing thongs so I wouldn’t have an underwear line in my black spandex pants when I was dancing, but they weren’t alluring like Stace’s. I received a clunky 5-pack from Target, each of which had a different color lining the top.

As Stace pinched the black lace between her thumb and pointer finger, I noticed Liam’s erection grow, just slightly. He snatched them from her before smelling them, throwing them like a frisbee, and spreading her recently-shaved legs.

The lines in his lower stomach protruded into a V while his penis disappeared from my vision.

“Oh, wow, okayyy,” Stace offered in a high pitched voice as her back arched up. “The rumors really are true,” she smiled and inched her ass down, allowing him to go deeper.

He smirked and sped up his impetus.

I was shocked by her willingness to put that hog inside of her, especially without a condom… if I learned anything in our sex-ed class, a condom is a must, but hey, so long as he wasn’t trying to penetrate my insides, I wouldn’t dare denounce their decision.

With that last thought, Liam looked over at me like as if to say “one vagina isn’t enough.”

“Take all your clothes off,” he looked at the zipper on my Hollister jeans as he continued to pummel into Stace.

It suddenly felt like the room was 200 degrees. I wanted to cry but I wouldn’t threaten my current social construct, forcing me to be ostracized. So I made up a lie.

“Ugh, I can’t. I’m on my period,” I listened to my weak attempt to sound distraught.

“Come on, babe, I got you,” Stace enticed him as she lifted her legs over his shoulders, “fuck me til you cum. I want you to cum for me, baby.”

She knew I wasn’t on my period so she kicked her sex-crazed tone into overdrive. Moments later, Liam pulled out and finished all over her firm stomach before toppling over onto his back.

“There should be a towel in the linen closet out there,” he gestured towards the hallway haphazardly.

“I’ll get it,” I offered, as I pulled the tank top over my matted hair.

The closet was neatly manicured with every towel falling in the white / beige category, outside of a few colored beach ones on the bottom shelf.

“Here,” I held out a white towel as Stace watched her glistening stomach, positioning it in such a way to avoid the evidence from dripping through the sheet.

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Liam grabbed his phone, almost forgetting we were still in his room.

Stace got off the bed and threw on her clothes like we were doing a quick change at a dance recital.

“Okay… see you at school,” Stace uttered in monotone desolation.

“Yeah, that was fun. See you guys!” he didn’t look up.

We made our way back through the long hall, past the velvet green chair, and out the door.

Inspirations: Mindy Kaling, Issa Rae, Lena Dunham. Trying to manifest some combination of them all + Vince Vaughn’s wit. BLACK LIVES MATTER

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