His Name Was Lance — Chapter 2

I looked at a framed picture of Liam against the eggshell painted wall. He was probably six or seven and it might sound weird to admit, but he was hot even then. You know when you can tell kids are going to be a total smoke show?

I briefly studied the other pictures on the wall before walking into Liam’s massive bedroom, hoping his parents would come home and send us on our way.

“Hey, ladies. How’s your night going?”

He gave us a half smile before getting off the green couch in front of his king-sized bed. It matched the velvet green chair in their home library and I doubled down on the urge to read Harry Potter despite how good Liam looked. And he looked damn good.

His hair presented as if he just got back from surfing all day; his body looked effortlessly beautiful — his abs protruding, but not too much… not as if he spent all his time inside a gym. His eyes were the shade of blue you’d see on the perfect summer morning before you noticed any clouds in the sky.

“Good. We were just fucking around at Laura’s house. What are you watching?” Stace gave him a hug and turned to look at the thick TV sitting on top of his oak dresser against the wall.

He walked towards me and put his arms underneath mine, slightly picking me up before squeezing me. I let myself smile and appreciate the embrace. It felt good, although it made me miss my ex. He was probably at his friend’s house playing video games.

Liam smelled like an Abercrombie store and his bare back was warm.

“Kill Bill. Uma Thurman’s sooo hot.” A statement that’s undoubtedly been reiterated countless times by boys and girls everywhere. He moved onto his bed this time and patted down on the gray comforter.

“Come up. There’s more room here.”

I felt nervous. But not in the same way I did when I was about to compete in my first dance solo… this was a new kind of nerves. Something I hadn’t experienced before. I looked down at my worn converse and gave myself a little pep talk.

Photo by Isabella Mendes on Unsplash

“He chose you. It’s gonna be fine. Don’t be a pussy.”

I looked at him lying on the bed and offered a shy smile. Stace jumped up without hesitation and joined him on his left. Before following suit, I took my time untying my beat up sneakers and placed them neatly against the beige wall.

“Get up here, Dev!” Liam sat up, showing his charming, toothy smile.

I stuffed down the overstimulated fight or flight response that was signaling in my body like a fire truck, and felt myself crawl to the right side of him. I’d never felt more like a child. Liam laughed and put his arm over my shoulder.

“You’re cute.”

I instantly felt the temperature in my face rise. Like I was leaving the frozen aisle at the grocery store, straight into the Arizona summer heat. I managed a meek laugh as he pulled both of us closer to him. His Nike basketball shorts didn’t hide the fact that he was getting hard.

And just like that, he twisted his body towards Stace and started kissing her. His right hand went up her neck and his fingers inched their way through her platinum hair. I watched intently but did my best not to make any noticable movements.

I was arroused and terrified.

Their lips fit into each other’s perfectly and their tongues came out to dance with one another every three or four seconds. I touched my bottom lip with my thumb and pointer finger. I wondered if my lips were too big, quickly remembering what the kids in elementary school used to call me… n***er lips.

Suddenly, he turned towards me. His mouth met mine while his left hand went up my scalp, just like Stace’s. I felt the twinkle in my stomach fall to my vagina. I lifted my right leg up and pressed it down hard on my left which put pressure on my clitoris. Liam was a fucking good kisser. I gave in and allowed my hands to meet his back, pushing my body into his, forgetting Stace was to his left.

“Yes, babe! Get some!” she quipped.

My body jolted back against the oak headboard and I swiped the top of my hand against my mouth, covering my coy smile.

“You have amazing lips,” Liam looked over my whole body, clearly undressing me in his mind. I felt relieved, flattered, nervous, and wet… really, really wet.

Stace climbed to my side of the bed and held herself up with one arm while her legs sat next to mine. Her boobs were practically hugging my ribs. I thought she was just coming over to check on me, but before I could think, I felt her delicate lips against mine.

I almost fell off the bed with how quickly I pulled my head away, but then I immediately leaned back in and let our legs interlock. Her polished fingernails ran down my back as I pressed the pads of my fingers against her head, just like I’d seen Liam do. Her moan made me more wet, especially since her hand moved from my back, down to the zipper on my jeans. I felt her middle finger hit my clit and moaned as my back arched.

“My turn,” Liam looked at us like he was hungry.

To be continued…

Inspirations: Mindy Kaling, Issa Rae, Lena Dunham. Trying to manifest some combination of them all + Vince Vaughn’s wit. BLACK LIVES MATTER

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