signs from the other side

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My spirit guides are here with me as I sit here on my new plush mattress; I know this more than I knew it when I woke up at 3 am every night for a week straight.

I feel so, so connected.

When my friend reached out to me on Sunday asking if I wanted to be in a music video with him, I knew it was a ‘yes’ before he gave me any details. I just knew I had to be with him, and so, I made it happen.

In acting class, we shared limited snippets of our spiritual journeys with one another, talking…

and I don’t need anyone else

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Thanks, Hailee Steinfeld, for that kick-ass anthem.

I just got back from the bank where I took out a hefty sum of money to close on my new house. The house I purchased all by my damn self… man, does it feel amazing.

I was in a relationship with a smart, witty, charismatic man for nearly eight years and while saying “it nearly broke me” seems a touch dramatic, I can undoubtedly say my light was on a low simmer.

I had (have) big, big dreams that I stifled, not because he discouraged me, but because the energy just wasn’t…

And how I was finally ready to be happy

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“I want you to really sit and think about that, Devon,” my therapist concluded, after asking why I found people’s negative energy so exhausting.

Well, it’s obvious, right? We’re consuming our brainpower with the toxicity of that co-worker’s consistent complaints about how something can’t be done, or our mom’s judgment’s about someone’s post on Facebook, or that friend’s constant self-degradation about how overweight they are (as they get Sonic tater tots with extra ranch and a large shake for the third day in a row).

But really, why is it exhausting to hear about these ‘problems’?

While I’m no scientist…

A single girl in a new world

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“I’m doing all the things to cope with being lonely, and it’s not fucking working!” I said playfully to my therapist as I shifted my Dell laptop against the gray couch arm.

I’d made myself as comfortable as I could at my one bedroom Air BnB in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. I was truly living alone for the first time in my life and I didn’t know how to deal.

“Well, we’re human beings,” she started, adjusting her chopped blonde bangs with her orange-painted finger nails. …

with Benny Benassi

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The loud roar of Deadmau5 pumped through my veins as I danced on the black pleather booth with my two girlfriends. It was Saturday night and Old Town Scottsdale was packed with college girls using fake IDs, getting hit on by newly single men in their 40’s while the most attractive bartenders overcharged them for basic-ass lemon drop shots.

“You guys wanna do molly tonight?” my friend asked casually as she refilled our vodka sodas at the table.

I wasn’t drunk enough to agree yet, but I wasn’t bold enough to opt-out if my friends did it, so I leaned…

From Romance to Roommate

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“You could totally be a therapist,” the psychologist said as I sunk my body into the mustard-yellow corduroy couch.

It was 2015 and there were dark stains cascading through the threads; I hated the fact that it didn’t match anything in her office. Honestly, not even one hint of yellow anywhere else.

In fact, the entire room was offputting, from the unorganized books to the cat card thumbtacked on a bulletin board that read, ‘have a pawsome birthday!’

In reality, it’d be fair to say I became irritated in most encounters, which, of course, frustrated me even more.

Not being…

Me, Courtesy of Me

I’m grateful that I allow myself time to create because I love to.

I’m grateful for the large cup of coffee, oat milk, and honey that I make for myself every morning, not only because it tastes great, but because it keeps my bowel movements consistent.

I’m grateful for name-brand toilet paper because the bullshit I’m working with right now is extremely disappointing.

I’m grateful for my over-zealous neighbor that keeps talking about the obnoxious “Trumpers” when all I want to do is finish walking my dog… I know this may sound sarcastic, but honestly, I am. …

An Interview

I connected with Arielle on the Girlboss platform last month about our love for dance; she, however, had a much different trajectory than I did with the sport, which you’ll learn about in our interview.

Arielle is currently double majoring in dance and health science at Chapman University and naturally, would like to pursue a career in both industries after college. I’d say she perfectly emulates the definition of a Girlboss. …

An Interview

I’ve gone back and forth about the importance of identifying the relationship between the interviewer and the interviewee… is it important to know whether there’s a connection? Whether they’ve known each other for a while? And for how long?

Ultimately, after reading an Issa Rae interview between her and a close friend, I decided yes, it is important… also, I’m an over-sharer by nature, so from my stance, the more information, the better.

With that, let me lay it out for you… I met Ross around 2008 through an ex, who went to a school down in Phoenix which is…

The Burnout Was Eminent

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“Can you please, please be quiet?” my voice trembled as my eyes tightened; I tried to pinch back the looming tears.

She wouldn’t listen; the barks only got louder and more frequent.

“Azey, SHUT UP!” I demanded with force, positive she’d sit up straight and get with the program.


I let the tears fall as quickly as her yelps and felt the weight of everything I’d taken on tumble through my chest.

“You’re gonna have to give something up,” my parents warned me three weeks prior.

“I know… I will,” I heard myself lie, knowing I wouldn’t.

Maybe it’s the millennial mentality combined with my strong drive to “be something great” but the thought of eliminating a responsibility has always been daunting.

With the pandemic, I was convinced I’d have this abundance of time I could keep pulling from like a Mary Poppins bag, but alas, I’m…

Devon Herrera

Inspirations: Mindy Kaling, Issa Rae, Lena Dunham. Trying to manifest some combination of them all + Vince Vaughn’s wit. BLACK LIVES MATTER

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